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Context-aware Workflow Management for Diagnostic Imaging

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Unparalleled Functionality and Flexibility

Intelligent workload balancing and workflow management

AICloudWorks™ is one the most comprehensive solution suites of its kind on the market today. The Realtime Medical AICloudWorks Platform is a solution platform designed to eliminate lost time on low-value tasks, manual worklist and report turnaround time management and critical results communication. A high-speed, high-capacity workload balancing, collaboration and workflow management solution, AICloudWorks is the Ferrari of smart worklist solutions. It has a level of granularity, accuracy and exam processing capacity in a single instance not typically found in other intelligent worklist solutions. For example, workflow orchestration and study assignment can be determined by any specific or combination of parameters available from the DICOM and HL7 associated with a case. The system will also dynamically adjust workload in response to real-time changes in your diagnostic demands in keeping with the rules you set.

AICloudWorks is the first software suite to fully apply and implement RealTime Medical's conceived “context-aware workflow management” for diagnostic imaging. Our clients have experienced a 15 – 47% increase in productivity, increasing the diagnostic capacity of their organizations.

"Amazingly reliable and excellent at seamlessly integrating with hospitals' and clinics' PACS/RIS systems."

Dr. John Bennet, MDCM FRCPC